Mustard Seed Soaps

Mustard Seed Microfarm is now offering a line of all-natural, hand crafted soaps! Our soaps are lovingly crafted using only natural ingredients.  We don't use any harsh chemicals, preservatives, or animal byproducts.   Our ingredients include: Saponified Oils (coconut, olive, and sustainably harvested palm oil), Lye, Salt, Water, Natural Pigments, and Essential Oils.  The only animal we test our soaps on is me!  All soaps are available for $4.00 a bar.  Each bar weighs approximately 4 ounces.  Please contact us for more information on how to order.

Tea Tree and Coffee

This bar is scented with tea tree essential oil and contains coffee grounds to help gently exfoliate your skin.  It's great for scrubbing up after a long day in the garden!

North Woods

The scents of fir, pine, and cedar make you feel like you're on a woodland adventure.

Lavender Dreams

The delicious scent of lavender to help you drift off to a sound sleep.

Bay Rum

A wonderful blend of vanilla and spices.  This is a favorite with the men of our house!

Happy Hippie

The scent of patchouli and sweet orange will take you back in time.

Cedar and Coffee

Another one of our favorites, which my son refers to as "the guy soap".