About Us

Mustard Seed Microfarm is named after the bible verse Matthew 17:20 in which Jesus says that with faith the size of mustard seed, nothing is impossible. We are a community centered  market garden using all-natural, biodynamic methods to grow amazingly fresh and healthful produce.  We believe strongly in food justice and that a persons financial or social status should never be a barrier for them to be able to access fresh, healthful food.  We are located in Southbridge, Massachusetts on just over an eighth acre of land. Mustard Seed Microfarm is Certified Naturally Grown, and grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. All of our seed is certified organic and non GMO.  We produce most of our heirloom seed right here on our farm, which helps to preserve these sometimes rare varieties for future generations to enjoy.  Our produce is available to purchase at the Southbridge Farmers Market at Big Bunny Market.  We are there almost every Saturday from 10:00-2:00.  Starting in 2020 we will also be offering a CSA program.

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Meet Your Farmer

Mustard Seed Microfarm is owned and operated by Zack LaVergne.  It was established in 2017.  Zack grew up on his grandparents farm in East Brookfield, which he credits with kindling his passion for farming.  Zack has been gardening as long as he can remember, and has a particular interest in biodynamics and food justice.

Mustard Seed Microfarm started out as a backyard garden where Zack grew produce to feed his growing family.  It quickly grew into a desire to serve and provide the Southbridge community and beyond with fresh, locally grown all-natural produce.

Mustard Seed Microfarm is truly a family business, as Zack's 4 young children can often be found "working" along side of him tending to the crops.